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Niamh McEvoy nominated for All Star

Congratulations to Niamh on achieving her first Ladies Football All Star award nomination, well deserved following her sterling performances in the full forward line, especially her exploits in the All Ireland Final when she gave a display worthy of Player of the Match had Dublin won. Niamh continues the tradition established by Sinead Aherne who got her 4th All Star Award last year but took a year off travelling this year.

mc evoy high catch

While I'm at it, take a look at this brilliant picture by Peter Hickey. It's the last play of the All Ireland Final against the all conquering Cork, we're down by 2 and there's Maccer straining to the tips of her fingers to try to get the win for Dublin. I was proud to be in Croke Park that day and say to people 'I'm with Syls and Niamh is one of ours',

And there was 'The Point', left a few Cork girls on their behinds with this one.

All Ireland Club 7 s 2015 1

All Ireland Club 7 s 3 2015

All Ireland Club 7 s 2015 4

Niamh's new partner in crime, Nicole Owens, didn't see enough ball in the All Ireland but based on her goal scoring exploits with the U21s will surely be an All Star nominee in the near future.


And you may be sure the Cork girls were mighty relieved to see Sinead with the bib and the water bottles, mighty relieved.

All Ireland Club 7 s 2015 3