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Work on the Ball Wall

I'm sure many you have seen the new targets painted onto the short side of the Ball Wall (see pic attached). This is as a result of the great time & effort spent by our new Facilities Group lead by Eoin Farquharson & Aidan Lillis and helped by Liam Foley. They plan to finish this project by completing the large side this Saturday (weather permitting) which will result in the closure of the large side of the wall.

The Academy will not be affected as the guys are planning a well deserved lunch break to facilitate. Can all teams please observe this notice and I'm sure you all agree that the loss of the area for one day is well worth the benefits the work will bring in the future for your age group. On behalf of all the mentors we'd like to thank  Aidan, Eoin & Liam for all the time & effort they have put in to improve our facilities.

Fergal McStay