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The Lights are ON - message from Paddy

As part of our club’s ambitions for a sports campus in Broomfield we are delighted to confirm that the new floodlights on pitch 2 are now operational. This is a vital first step in the development of a full “all-weather” facility in Broomfield and represents an investment of almost €150k. This development has been funded by a combination of grant aid from the Sports Council and the “Gala Night” fund-raising event that was held in November 2016.

Many thanks for all those who have contributed to this development activity as it will make a huge difference for our players in the years ahead.

The next step is a big one – the development of an all-weather playing surface. The total projected cost of such a development is in the region of an additional €600k to €650k.

Well done again to all who planned, raised the finance and got the lights up and running, dragging Syls into the 21st century.