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Overseas Sanction Information 2017 -Adult Members

Dear Secretary, Tempus fugit and the flight of our student members to foreign shores is almost upon us! The following link contains all relevant information, forms and live lists with regard to Sanctions for players travelling to USGAA (formerly the NACB), New York and Canadian County Boards jurisdiction.

Sanctions are only available to members of clubs in Ireland.

Grading of Players

It is important to note that when approving an application for your club member that you confirm (where required) the player's current status/grade with his club (Junior / Intermediate / Senior) as this is important information with regard to the player registering with the club he is being sanctioned to. 

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Sanctions will not be forwarded to Croke Park unless the correct insurance has also been provided. An example of evidence of the correct policy schedule is required. (The policy schedule page of the confirmation document is the best page for players to provide)

All players that will be seeking an Official GAA Sanction from Central Council to play in North America (USGAA), New York or Canada for the summer are reminded that travel insurance must be arranged in Ireland before they commence their journeys. Players should note the following:

Like the vast majority of travel insurance policies, the option offered by the GAA can only be purchased by individuals before they leave Ireland. Important points for players to note include:

The GAA is willing to accept alternative insurance if it is appropriate; however a Sanction will not be granted to any player that does not have a valid Travel Insurance policy in force for the duration of his trip.

·       Players must ensure that their Travel Insurance policies extend to cover the playing of Gaelic football and/or hurling as part of a team including the playing of matches. This is not automatically covered under the majority of standard Travel Insurance policies unless agreed in advance with Insurers. Proof of this must be explicitly stated in the copy of the insurance policy provided.

·       The cost of insurance will depend on the duration of a player’s stay in a particular country.

·       Players wishing to play in North America must purchase cover for a minimum of 90 days. It is the player's own responsibility to ensure they are covered for all dates of potential fixtures.

·       Travel insurance is not a private health insurance. It only covers players if there is a sudden and unexpected accident or if a player becomes ill during his trip.  

·       Players playing overseas are not covered under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund.

The following are the steps which a player needs to take to purchase the required insurance:

1.      Go to the following link -

2.     Choose Backpacker cover for a minimum of 90 days. It is the player's own responsibility to ensure they are covered for all dates of potential fixtures.if you do not have cover for a fixture you will not be eligible to play or covered in the event of a sudden or unexpected accident.                                                    

3.     Please Note: ensure you select 'Worldwide Cover inc. US/Canada/Caribbean' 

4.     Choose the most accurate number of days that you will be staying in North America / New York / Canada
- Minimum for North America is 90 days

5.     Please read and accept the terms and conditions of the policy and apply for the cover

6.     Fill in all the required fields in order to obtain your documentation

7.     Once purchased, the confirmation letter should be submitted along with the Official Sanction Form to your County Secretary who will submit it to the relevant Department in Croke Park.

8.     If you have any additional questions please contact Kathleen McPoland -

Kind regards,

John Costello