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National Vetting Act -May 1st 2017 -All Teams

As discussed at last night’s Exec it is imperative that all sections comply with the enactment of this new law as laid out in the letter below from DCB. As Lead Mentors please forward to all your mentors/coaches and those in regular contact with Children U18. I have highlighted the main issues involved in the letter from Aileen, CW County Officer DCB.

Please inform mentors/coaches that unless they have clearance or applied for clearance they will no longer be able to participate with teams containing U18’s from May 1st  2017.

I am awaiting the latest GV list from Aileen to cross check with list of mentors of our different sections .

This also highlights the importance of any teams wishing to bring in a new mentor or coach must inform their relevant section head for approval before doing so to ensure that they fulfil the proper criteria.

The ID Forms can be signed by : Fergal McStay, Mick Byrne, Richard Aslett, Monica Aslett.


Forms attached as required and also useful links


A Chara

National Vetting Act

I have been informed that this act will be signed into law on the 29th April 2016. This will mean that anyone working with children (U18) or those in the club with regular contact with children will be breaking the law if they have not received clearance. The act also states that every organisation must set its own time frame to re-vet . The GAA has set every 5 years.

I have attached the most up to date Garda Vetting form & parental consent forms (for 16 -18yr olds).  Please delete any other versions you have on your laptop/computer and ask your club to update your website immediately and replace with this version.   The Gardaí are very strict on what forms they will process it has to be on the Correct form or it will be sent back no matter how slight the difference is.

  • All mentors/coaches working with players U18 (this includes senior teams) & club members who may have regular contact (ie. Groundskeepers, caretakers, team helpers, club staff. etc.) must complete Garda vetting.
  • Coaches/ Helpers/ Referees aged 16-18 years must complete Garda vetting with Parental/Guardian consent
  • Please ensure when forms are printed off that all the information and logos are printed or they will be returned, e.g. on the Parent/Guardian Consent form at the bottom it states “Revised form issued 25th May 2015” – this must be on the form submitted.
  • All juvenile referees aged 16 and over must also be vetted – please ensure your Referee Co-Ordinator checks all your current referees.
  • Ensure the form is fully filled in, answer every question and fill in N/A where appropriate and encourage tegh use of BLOCK capitals.
  • Forms must be dated within 2 months of receipt by Dublin County Board
  • To protect the privacy of individuals, anyone can send a vetting form directly to the County Board or the National Children’s officer in Croke Park.
  • Just a reminder that The GAA accept clearance letters from the LFGA and the Camogie association
  • Up to date Garda vetting list can be obtained on request.


Child Protection in Sport Awareness workshop

·         All mentors /coaches must complete the Child Protection in Sport Awareness workshop. This is a mandatory requirement by the GAA and will also come into law when the children 1st act commences.

·         Courses for your club can be requested by contacting myself. (Minimum numbers required)

·         Up to date lists of Child Protection in Sport Awareness workshop can also be obtained on request



Fergal McStay

Club Secretary