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Minor Hurlers tough win at Finbarrs

MFC B Naomh Fionnbarra 3-10 St Sylvesters 4-14 Another great Minor performance winning away to a very good Finbarrs. We opened with a five point lead but Finbarrs came back with two goals and a few points. We stuck to the task, I didn't see the second half but I heard Cooney hit 3-03 from play and the half I did see was excekllent from bothh sides. Fingallians and Marnóg drew so a win over Marnógs will see us into the semifinal although I'm sure our neighbours will not be holding the door open for us.

Liam Foley, Barry Crosse, Philip Ryan, Niall McCann, Eoin Ryan, Mikey Meaney, Jamie Kennedy, Daniel Deneher (0-1), Dan Murphy(0-2, 1f) Dennis O’Brien, Eamonn McLoughney, Luke Hughes (1-2), Bryn Redmond, Eoin Cooney(3-0),  Sean Graham (0-9, 5f), Brian Murphy