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Know your Sport 2017 Prediction Competition Fundraiser

We are running the Know Your Sport Prediction Competition fundraiser again this year and are looking for your support now to make it a success. As was the case last year, 80% of the funds raised will go directly back to your individual teams to be used to fund as much as possible for 2017 team running and referee expenses, with 20% being retained centrally to fund prizes etc


I have attached a pdf of the entry form and hard copies of same will be given out shortly and we will be in contact in relation to distributing same.

We will accept entries from either original hard copy or printed version of the pdf attached. Entries are open for just the next three weeks with deadline to enter being Sunday 12th March 2017.

Please circulate this as widely as possible to your team contacts. The competition is open to anyone to enter and multiple entries are acceptable so people can enter as often as they like!

The competition winner is whomever scores the most accumulated points by predicting the winners of the sporting competitions listed on the attached flyer. We will be following through this year with a commitment to have a league table on the club website which will be updated at end of each month while the competition is ongoing.


Maria Hughes